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Published: 01st December 2008
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Do you know that some of the people in the world have same name as you? Well, if you tend to have a popular name, your name may be much in vogue and many people may live forever with your name. The names that have good meanings or the names that have been remained forever in the history of mankind are the popular names. This is the reason why many parents try searching for the best and unique name for their baby. Whether the bay is a boy or girl, the choice of name is the trickiest thing the parents encounter. Too many choices and too many thoughts!

We have hereby listed some of the popular baby girl names starting from G. we hope this list will enable you to choose your favorite name for your sweetheart daughter. We know how precious she is for you and your spouse. Therefore, you want to give her a great start by choosing an apt name that suits her. Also you may have to consider the cultural aspect and traditional aspect while naming your baby. So beware of names with culturally opposing meanings and let your daughter enjoy being called by her name for the rest of her life!

GABRIELA God is my strength; heroine of God (Romanian)
GABRIELLA feminine form of Gabriele (God-given strength) (Italian)
GABRIELLE God gives strength (Hebrew)
GADARA from the top of a mountain (Armenian)
GADWA gift, benefit GALSAT (Arabian)
GAEA myth name (mother earth) (Greek)
GAELLE stranger (German)
GAETANE from Gaete (French)
GAETANE from Gaete (Italian)
GALATEA white as milk (Greek)
GALATEE white (French)

The names like Gabriella and Gadwa are popular among some parts of the world. If you are a parent who believes in global attitude while naming your baby, you can go for virtually any name that you and your spouse like. Just comprehend the meaning and get ready to face the questions about the name of your baby! This will save you from getting entangled into so-called cultural tangles!

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Baby Girl Names

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