May Heaven’s Choicest Blessings Be Showered On Your Beloved Son

Published: 30th November 2008
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No doubt it's a feeling of tremendous excitement to have a baby. If you are the proud Dad, we are sure you have already started planning for brighter future of your child. Whether you have given birth to a boy or girl, your joy knows no bounds. Well, apart from the joy, your responsibility gets doubled and your family life starts. Many hurdles you have to cross and you have to meet up to the demands of the family. Yet, you are happy to see your child grow and add to the small pleasures of life.

Your responsibility starts from day one or even before that. Among all the responsibilities, naming a baby is one major responsibility you have to handle quite early. Many parents decide the name of the baby even before birth. But we know how difficult it is to bring up with a unique yet traditional name. If you are a modern parent who doesn't believe in traditional names and want to have some fancy name, still you have to search a lot. We have made your work little easy and have given below some of the popular baby boy names starting from F-

GABI, GABRIEL hero of God (Romanian)

GABIREL Basque form of Gabriel (God-given strength) (Basque)

GABOR Hungarian form of Gabriel (strength from God) (Hungarian)

GABRA Amharic of Tigrinya name meaning "an offering." (African)

GABRIEL God is my strength (Hebrew)

GADERIAN gathers (Anglo)

GADI my wealth (Arabic)

GADIEL God is my wealth (Arabic)

GAELBHAN sparrow (Gaelic)

GAETAN from Gaete (French)

GAHARIET sons of Lot (Arthurian)

We hope these names will help you find out some of the unique names. We have also searched the meanings of the names, so that you are sure that you haven't named your son something weird. You must appreciate this fact that good name will stand in good stead for his whole life. Therefore, always plan in advance the name of your child. Here you finish up your foremost responsibility!

Zander Smith

Baby Boy Names

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