Meaningful Name: A Great Start To New Life

Published: 01st December 2008
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Having born a child is one of the sweetest moments for both mom and dad. Not only the parents but everyone around is eager to see the baby and wish him or her brightest future ahead. The journey ahead however starts with naming ceremony. Many parents believe and like to give away lavish parties for naming ceremony. No wonder their baby is most precious for them and they want to select the best name. Many new parents are seen browsing the net for searching nice baby names.

These names are then put to scrutiny in front of other family members and then the final name is decided. Yes, it is an elaborate procedure because the name you select now will remain with the baby for years to come. This is the reason why we have selected some of the most popular baby boy names this time for you. These names start from letter J and we have also tried to give meanings of each of these names, along with the origin of the name. We hope the list will prove beneficial to you.

JABARI brave (Egyptian)
JABBAR mighty (Arabic)
JABIR comforts (Arabic)
JACK replace (derivative of James) (English)
JACKSON son of Jack (English)
JACQUES French form of Jacob (supplanter) (French)
JAEL mountain goat (Hebrew)
JAFAR rivulet (Arabic)
JAFARI Swahili name meaning "creek." (African)
JAFARI creek (Egyptian)
JAGGER carter (English)

The meaningful names remain in our memories with good intentions. Also in peers, the child feels proud to have name that has a great meaning. For example, if you name your child Jabari and he knows that his names means Brave, he will be proudly telling his peers about it and also add that this is the reason he doesn't fear anything and is brave! Therefore, let's select a name that will make our children proud of themselves!

Zander Smith

Baby Boy Names

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